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About Us


We are a collaboration of health care providers with a common goal:

Best Comprehensive Care for Patients with Limb Threatening Conditions


Key to our collaboration, is the ability to share and access specialized information among collaborating colleagues.  Various components of our team may be needed in each instance.  Routine care includes:

  • Pressure Reduction - cast-boots; off-loading sandals; custom orthotics

  • Wound Immobilization Management - simple and advanced dressings depending upon heal ability and other factors

  • Supervision by Wound Specialists


In addition, following are some of the specialized services our team provides:

  • PROTECTION MANAGEMENT - For those with sensory loss (Neuropathy) at risk for un-noticed damage to their feet:

    • Total Contact Cast (TCC) application as well as other special devices.   

    • For difficult (refractory) cases advanced diagnostics can be used via specialized assessment of the force applied to the foot when walking (Peak Plantar Pressure).


  • BLOOD SUPPLY AUGMENTATION - For those with poor arterial supply (Perfusion limited foot) at risk of amputation in need for augmentation:  

    • Specialized Vascular Assessment: search for specific areas of reduced oxygen delivery using a tool called the transcutaneous oximeter. The results of such assessment may tell us whether and which treatment options may be a consideration:  Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, Electrical Stimulation.

    • Advanced invasive management: The vascular surgeon may direct vascular procedures to improve blood supply of larger vessels when needed.  An injection with intravenous dye while taking pictures, with specialized imaging, can guide the use of expander tools used to open up a narrowed vessel (angioplasty) and keep it expanded (stent insertion).  In some cases surgical procedure to replace the vessel (bypass) may be needed.

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