Wound Complications: Diabetes 

  • Persons with diabetes often suffer problems with their feet, and all too often amputation has been the result.

  • This high burden of disease is also associated with staggering health care costs – some of which might possibly be avoided with a comprehensive approach.

  • Fortunately, in Ontario, the government has taken action to improve the care of this unfortunate population and is supporting the comprehensive management of those people with diabetes, by encouraging teams of professionals to collaborate so that the best care available is now available.

  • All of Ontario can work to a common goal… to result in better care for this very high risk population of persons with diabetes which is growing in numbers.

  • It all starts with recognition by patients, as well as health care providers how common the problem is and how aggressive early detection and treatment can avoid the more serious complications which often occur.

  • Next the inter-professional assessment team provides detailed information on a range of important measurements. This allows us to determine a plan which considers, the key problems to fix as well as the less common items which must not be forgotten.  Our evaluation team consists of Wound Care Specialists (nurses, chiropodists, and physicians) , Vascular surgeons, Dermatologists, Infectious Disease Specialists, Dieticians and others.

  • The treatment options may vary, from one person to the next  - so we have a number of options to consider:

    • Adequate blood supply to heal the wound is likely at the top of the list to determine. Check the process to determine blood supply.

    • Infections often occur in fragile tissue.

    • Protection: Tissue protection is often under addressed due to lack of pain sensation in persons with diabetes. Fortunately protecting the fragile feet of those with diabetes has recently been given a boost, with protective devices which the government helps to pay for.

Arms and Legs 

  • The human body is an awesome machine which has tremendous ability to repair itself … within certain limits.
  • Sometimes accidents and disease outpace the body’s ability to repair - it needs some help.
  • So here we are - ready for any wound problem affecting the arms and legs. 
  • Our inter-professional team consists of Wound Care Specialists (nurses, chiropodists, and physicians), Vascular Surgeons, Dermatologists, Infectious Disease Specialists, Dieticians and others as require

We hope that our on-line resources will assist patient in understanding the best way to understand and manage wounds affecting their limbs.


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